Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter Criticizes JoJo Siwa: ‘Growing Up’

JoJo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure may have resolved their TikTok conflict. But Natasha Cameron Bure, the daughter of the “Fuller House” actress, has more to say.

What Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter posted on social media

Natasha, 23, wrote Thursday in an Instagram story that has since been deleted. “Respectfully, someone saying ‘no’ to taking a photo with you is not a ‘difficult experience.'” According to Us Weekly, this generation is incredibly sensitive and lacks self-confidence. Supposedly there are bigger problems in this world than this, said Natasha. Get older.

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He is referring to Siwa, 19, who has gone to great lengths to explain why he recently referred to Natasha’s mother as the “rudeest celebrity” he had ever seen. In a follow-up video to her initial post on Sunday, Siwa reflected, “You know, I had a difficult experience when I was little. “I was 11 years old, a big fan and I wanted a picture with her, but it wasn’t the right time for her,” the boy said.

Siwa stated, “I will say that even though I had a bad experience, that doesn’t indicate that she’s a terrible human. “I think it was just a bad time for her, and my little 11-year-old self was so excited and so excited, but that doesn’t mean that she’s the worst human that ever lived,” the speaker said. The former “Dance Moms” actress continued, “It was just a difficult experience for me.

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Cameron Bure responded to Siwa’s TikTok with an enigmatic Bible verse

Cameron Bure initially responded to Siwa’s TikTok with a mysterious biblical scripture, and Natasha later defended her mother by referring to her as the “coolest mom”. Later, however, Cameron Bure announced to his Instagram followers that he had spoken with Siwa on the phone and reached an agreement.

I met you at the Fuller House premiere when I was 11, she [Siwa] he said, and we were all on the red carpet. In memory of Cameron Bure, Siwa described. “I walked up to you and asked if I could take a picture of you. and you answered: “Not now”, at my request. then she continued with what he was doing, which was posing for photos with other people on the red carpet.’”

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