Canada Elections 2021: Justin Trudeau Will Remain Prime Minister, But He Falls Short of Majority Mark

Justin Trudeau: The Liberal Prime Minister failed to win a majority of votes, but returns to power.

Justin Trudeau will continue to serve as Prime Minister after winning the election announced on Monday. However, the results could not help him achieve his main objective: to obtain the majority of votes in Parliament. The 49-year-old prime minister announced snap elections in August in the hope of securing at least 15 additional seats in the House of Commons.

Trudeau has to return to the Prime Minister’s Office with the same number of seats he had before. He points to the fact that he will again have to negotiate with opposition parties to pass any legislation and keep his rule.


Throughout the campaign, the opposition continued to attack the Prime Minister’s conduct in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the holding of elections in the midst of the crisis was once again a point of criticism by the opposition. As the fourth wave is ongoing in Canada at the moment.

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Canada Elections 2021: Justin Trudeau Will Remain Prime Minister, But He Falls Short of Majority Mark

However, some people are of the opinion that a win is a win. They consider that Trudeau has won the elections and now the votes do not matter. On the other hand, some people feel that Trudeau has failed to achieve his ultimate goal, so this is not a victory for him in that sense. Therefore, COVID-19 gave another perspective to the whole situation.


Trudeau’s main competitor was Erin O’Toole, a Conservative leader. So, the call was between conservatives and liberals.

The Conservatives did very well in the election and won the second largest number of seats in the House of Commons. Therefore, the Conservatives will also remain in their position of being Canada’s official opposition.

Trudeau’s victory marked the end of a 36-day campaign. He has won elections for the third time in Canada. Trudeau managed the spread of COVID-19 very well in the country. Now, Canada is one of the leading countries with the fastest vaccination campaign. Vaccination became necessary for everyone in the workplace, which proved effective.

Trudeau has explained the motive behind his policies and has presented his views in contrast to O’Toole’s. Meanwhile, the Conservative leader encouraged people to get vaccinated and also told them that he received the shots himself. But he also supported the claim that health care is an individual choice. O’Toole also advised people to wear proper masks and take all preventive measures.

Also, the Conservatives did not announce the status of their members, whether they are vaccinated or not. While all other parties including NDP and Bloc Quebecois revealed their party status.

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