Calvin Klein’s new Mother’s Day 2022 ad campaign, featuring a pregnant transgender man, has gone viral on Twitter.

“Today, in support of women and moms around the world, we emphasize the realities of new families,” the iconic brand wrote in part of an Instagram post.

People aren’t just stumped as to why a pregnant man appeared in a Mother’s Day ad. But many also seem unaware of the distinction between a transgender woman and a transgender man.

What the Calvin Klein ad represents

On May 8, 2022, Calvin Klein released an ad featuring women from many walks of life. A transgender man and his wife were among them.

They “are expecting parents from Brazil,” according to the caption. Roberto and Erika are expecting their son, Noah, at any moment.”

The couple is seen in bed, wearing Calvin Klein, with a quote superimposed that reads: “We can reproduce biologically or from the heart… our place is to love and be loved.”

The photo shows a transgender man clutching his fully-grown baby bump.

Know the difference between a transgender man and a transgender woman

When it comes to distinguishing between genders, people are often stumped, especially when it comes to the identity of a transgender person.

However, knowing the actual definitions of the phrases before using them is essential so as not to appear uninformed or hurt anyone’s feelings about how they identify.

“Transgender people are people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were considered to be at birth,” according to “Trans” is a common abbreviation for “transgender.”

A transgender man, like the one in the Calvin Klein commercial, now lives as a man but was born thinking he was a woman.

Most trans men call themselves “men”.

A transgender woman who lives as a woman today, but was supposed to be a man when she was born, is in the same boat.

If you’re wondering if a man can get pregnant, you’ll be disappointed to learn that it’s not biologically possible. A person born with male reproductive organs cannot have children.

Twitter users want pregnant man to be treated like any other man

Many people have said on Twitter that a person’s decision about their body should not be questioned. A transgender boy who was born a woman and had a child should be seen as normal.

“I don’t understand the reaction after Calvin Klein featured a ‘pregnant transgender man’ in their current Mother’s Day campaign,” one tweeted. Actually, I do [but] Isn’t it strange that a “born woman” is mocked for her choice when equality is all you seek?”

“A woman has become pregnant.” Another person wrote: “This is absolutely typical.”

“If they were pregnant and wanted one, yes,” said another Twitter user. And when it comes to their bodies and their rights, they should have full control over what happens to them. He is an adult. Don’t refer to it as an “it”.

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