Burglars Steal Home Safe in Rolling Hills Estates CCTV Video

On Saturday, September 24, a trio of thieves broke into a Rolling Hills Estates home and stole a safe, among other significant items. The robbery occurred while the owner, a woman in her 70s, was away. The thieves, each wearing masks and gloves, were caught on video from the home’s surveillance camera trying to remove the safe, which weighs approximately 500 pounds. According to the owner’s daughter, Caitlynn Martin, the trio also came away with a significant collection of cold-rolled gold worth hundreds of dollars, along with jewelry, a television and a decorative rooster.

In the security video, two of the three men can be seen struggling with the huge safe as they carried it from the Rolling Hills Estates home to a waiting car. The third man who was involved in the robbery is believed to be the getaway driver. The car used in the robbery was also caught on surveillance video, which the affected family believes to be a black Hyundai Santa Nick Fe SUV. Police have yet to make any arrests regarding the burglary of the Rolling Hills Estates home. Anyone with information on the Rolling Hills robbery is asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Video shows thieves robbing home safe in Rolling Hills Estates

Surveillance footage caught thieves stealing a safe from a home in Rolling Hills Estates last weekend. Two thieves used the sliding garden gate to gain access while the homeowner was away. After ransacking the house, the couple can be seen carrying a huge safe. The safe, according to Caitlynn Martin, the owner’s daughter, weighs approximately 500 pounds. The thieves also stole a collection of gold coins and jewelry, among other necessities.

The family believes the car found in the video is a Hyundai Santa Nick Fe SUV and that three people were involved in the robbery. Something like two of the thieves were wearing masks and gloves. They believe the third individual may have been the getaway driver. As indicated by the daughter of the owner of the house, the family is quite shocked by the incident. The homeowner’s 70-year-old daughter, who grew up in the Rolling Hills home, said her experience left her totally scared.

Caitlynn Martin further expressed that her mother had taken every conceivable way to ensure the safety of the house in her absence. She told KTLA, she thought she did what seemed most appropriate. She had cameras. She had each of the entrances closed. She had some pretty high-tech locks on each of the entrances, and [you] feel that you had really done everything right and it was not. No arrests have been made at this time. The family wants to get facts about the people in the video.

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