Box office: ‘The Suicide Squad’ disappoints with $26.5 million debut amid Delta variant concerns

The Suicide Squad,” the R-rated funny book transformation directed by James Gunn, disappointed in its box office debut, earning $26.5 million from 4,002 North American theaters due to the ongoing pandemic.
Those ticket sales were enough to effortlessly dominate the national box office charts despite falling short of expectations heading into the weekend. Several aspects contributed to its less than stellar start, involving, among others, the growing concern about the Delta variant of COVID-19. The R-rated Warner Bros. film opens at no additional charge to HBO subscribers. It’s disappointing that “The Suicide Squad” cost $185 million to create and many millions more to emphasize globally. It is mainly due to the ongoing pandemic and is under $30 million.

The film at the international box office grossed over $35 million from around the world in more than 70 overseas territories. And from the world, it’s $72.2 million. The group of supervillains from the 2016 Warner Bros movie “Suicide Squad” embarked on a deadly mission. But the new sequel “The Suicide Squad” serves as something of an encore. This movie probably suffered due to a lack of star power. Another reason this movie is opening during a deadly pandemic and not being spread on a streaming service.

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But the good news is that the movie has great reviews with a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. And the analysis said that the film would have a stronger launch due to its good reviews. Even in the pandemic, younger men fascinated by action movies are among the most loyal viewers. And they enjoyed it. But “The Suicide Squad” didn’t make much more than his previous Warner Bros.
We can say that the ongoing pandemic could be one of the obstacles since the cinemas are not fully open. As of now, 85% of theaters in the US and Canada have reopened, according to Comscore.

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Box office: 'The Suicide Squad' disappoints with $26.5 million debut amid Delta variant concerns

due to the pandemic

But if we compare from last December, there will be a big difference in the number of room openings. Because last December only 35% of movie theaters had reopened.
The current situation is not feasible to open all cinemas due to COVID-19 and David A. Gross, who runs the movie review firm Franchise Entertainment Research, says that “Under ordinary conditions, a tough marketing campaign can overcome some hurdles and make for a good weekend. Under current conditions, that is not happening.” This is a relentless market. But soon, there would be normal conditions.

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