Blink-182 Bassist Mark Hoppus Announces He’s ‘Cancer Free’: ‘I Feel So Blessed’

Mark Hoppus of Blink – 182, a member of the rock band updates his health status in a social media post saying it’s good news. The singer has been undergoing chemotherapy and the treatment has done her job.

On Wednesday, he wrote on an Instagram and Twitter page mentioning that he is “cancer free.” She continues to thank God and the Universe, her friends and family who sent her strong support, kindness and love. He says that he just saw his oncologist and that he has to have a scan every 6 months and that it will take him this whole year to get back to normal. But, “Today is an amazing day,” he wrote on his social media page.

Previously, he posted a photo showing his hair growing back on his bald scalp. He was so happy and confused at the same time because his hair used to be black. What he shows is white-colored hair that grows back on his head.

Mark Hoppus reveals about his cancer conditions:

In June, he reveals that he had cancer. At first, she didn’t reveal what kind of ranking she had. But, he gets more specific about it in a Twitch session, once.

He revealed that his cancer classification is Stage 4-A Large B-Cell Lymphoma. This means that he has entered stage four in different parts of his body. In July he was stumped as to what 4 parts are but he gets it as he has entered many parts of his body and it is in an advanced state. Furthermore, he reveals that it is Stage 4 that has to do with blood and not with bones.

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Blink-182 Bassist Mark Hoppus Announces He's 'Cancer Free': 'I Feel So Blessed'

Also, in a statement, the 49-year-old gave details about what he really felt during his treatment each week. In the first week, he is like a zombie who fell into an electric fence and is in shock. Whereas, in the second round of chemotherapy, he felt so weak and exhausted. From the third week, he felt more nausea and everything related to what he went through.

Besides, he says, he is afraid and blessed at the same time. Because he has amazing doctors, friends, and family to take care of him and help him get through this. He has a few more months of his treatment ahead of him and he is hopeful and positive. He is hoping to be cancer free and promises that he will see you all at his concert in the future.

Blink – 182:

Blink – 182, a rock band that started in 1992. Along with Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Scott Raynor (drummer) are in the band.

This California-based band always has a mix of fast-paced pop and punk music. This largely led them to major commercial successes. Some of them are, Adam’s Song, All the Little Things, What’s My Age Again? And so.

Hoppus married Everly Skye. She is an MTV executive. They share a son named Jack, born in 2002.

In July, you are going through improved mood and health. Furthermore, his health condition is quite noticeable even before his doctor gives him his good word. Finally, he is re-missioned from cancer. At the end of this year, he will finally be out of cancer and lead a healthy life.

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