Big Ang star Linda Torres dies at 67 due to Covid-19

The Corona Virus has claimed hundreds of lives. Today one more name is added to the list, and this time, it’s Linda Torres. Big Ang star Linda Torres dies at the age of 67. The actress is reported to pass away at Staten Island University Hospital on April 1, 2021. She was a great actress on American television and has done great work on shows like Mob Wives. and Big Angle.

The main reason for death is supposed to be Covid-19. She was in the hospital for almost nine weeks and was then switched to a ventilator. She fought a lot, but unfortunately she couldn’t win the battle. Rumors circulated that Torres had breast cancer and recently underwent surgery.

When the sister of Angela Rioala, co-star of Torres Big Ang, paid her tribute in Instagram, the news reached the public. “May he rest in peace, my friend will always love you. Angela takes care of @ #onlythegoodthingdieyoung. Angela Rola had already left the world in 2016.

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Angela Rioala’s sister, Janine Detore, told people that she was really struggling, but I guess she couldn’t fight it. It was too much. ‘Linda was the life of the party, like my sister. It’s so much fun to be around, it’s not negative, I just wanted to have a fun time.”

Rest in peace; we have lost so many superstars due to Covid, like Dawn Wells, Nick Cordero, Cloris Leechman, etc. We can no longer afford it.

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