Beyonce’s ‘Rebirth’ album leaked online two days before its release

Beyonce’s most anticipated album, Renaissance, has been leaked online two days before its official release date.

Here is everything you need to know.

Beyonce Renaissance album leaked online

Beyoncé’s latest album, Renaissance, was supposed to be officially released worldwide on Thursday at midnight.

However, according to recent reports, Irreplaceable Icon’s upcoming album has been leaked online.

Additionally, it was reported that the record is allegedly being sold in CD versions in various European regions.

According to Variety, “high-quality FLAC files that certainly sound like the album” were made available online approximately 36 hours before the scheduled release date.

Renaissance will mark the 40-year-old diva’s first full-length solo studio album since her smash hit Lemonade in 2016 almost 6 years ago.

Fans react to Beyoncé album leak

Although Beyoncé fans were eager to get their hands on her upcoming album Renaissance, they were certainly not impressed by the leak.

They took to Twitter to condemn the leak ahead of the scheduled release time.

Many fans further urged Internet users not to listen and spread the unreleased version of Renaissance.

One fan said, ‘You all aren’t real #BeyHive if you participate in listening to the leak.’

Another added: ‘I won’t be hearing the Beyoncé leak until it’s officially released. You all really take the fun out of everything.

Additionally, another user noted, “Not everyone can be a Beyoncé fan and leak her stuff.” 6 years have passed and in less than 48 hours, we will all have access to music. Please don’t ruin it for everyone, especially Bey who has put 2 years of hard work into this new era that we PRAY for.

More about Renaissance

Beyoncé’s next album, Renaissance, will consist of 16 songs. She revealed her track list last week and released her first single Break My Soul on June 20.

Consequently, the mother of three broke the internet on June 30 when she revealed the Renaissance album cover.

The image shows Beyoncé sitting on a celestial holographic horse with black in the background.

He described the stunning cover art with a caption that read, “Making this album allowed me a place to dream and find an escape during a terrifying time for the world.”

Renaissance’s track listing includes:

  • i’m that girl
  • Cozy
  • alien superstar
  • handcuff him
  • Energy
  • break my soul
  • church girl
  • Plastic out of the sofa
  • the virgo groove
  • Move on
  • Heated
  • thick
  • all in your mind
  • America has a problem
  • pure honey
  • summer revival

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