Beyonce made references to Jay-Z’s fight with Solange in an elevator, matter explored

Since its release on July 29, Beyonce’s seventh solo album, “Rebirth,” has generated a lot of buzz. The renowned singer, who is married to musician Jay-Z, appeared to allude to her scandalous infidelity by referring to the historic altercation she had with her sister Solange in the elevator back in 2014.

Queen Bey is believed to have poked fun at Jay Z’s adultery scandal in the songs “Cozy”, “Alien Superstar” and “Plastic on the Sofa”. On the 2015 remix of “Flawless,” the Grammy-winning singer reportedly attempted the same joke by including the line, “Of course, sometimes shit falls down when there’s a billion dollars in an elevator.” After leaving the Met Gala after-party, Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator as Beyonce watched, according to security video leaked in May 2014. After leaving the Met Gala after-party, Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator. as Beyonce watched, according to security video that leaked in May 2014.

Who was Jay-Z in a relationship with?

Beyonce seemed to have addressed the issue of Jay Z’s adultery on her new album, “Rebirth.” The 40-year-old alluded to the elevator controversy in the song “Cozy,” singing, “She’s a deity, she’s a hero, she survived, everything she went through, trusting and deadly,” even though she never explicitly mentioned that her rapper husband. she had an affair with her sister Solange. “I can suggest you don’t fuck with my sister because she feels comfortable,” she continues. I feel warm and comfortable with who I am.

Beyonce seems to talk about accepting her husband’s lies while keeping him hooked on marriage in the song “Alien Superstar.” Keep it addicted, lying on her lips, I lick it, she sings. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter mocks the media’s focus on her relationship in the song “Plastic on the Sofa.”

“We don’t require everyone’s approval. They’re too hard on you, boy, and they’re too hard on me, Beyoncé sings. Boy, I know you can’t help but be yourself around me, yourself around me / And I know nobody’s perfect, so I’ll let you be, I’ll let you be / It’s the way you use your emotions on both of us. your sleeves / even the face you make when I tell you I had to go, ”she continues.

Beyonce opened up about her husband’s alleged infidelity on her 2016 album “Lemonade,” referring to the woman as “Becky with the pretty hair.” The subject was brought up by Jay himself the following year in a candid interview with the New York Times. He claimed that he had to “shut down emotionally” and go into “survival mode”, which led him to commit adultery.

Solange says “I don’t care if you know”

Twitter was flooded with comments from people on social media about Beyonce’s apparent reference to the Jay Z cheating scandal. One user commented, “I really hope Beyonce gives us a song with Solange on ACT 2,” while another added: “No way #Beyonce singing ‘Could I suggest you don’t fuck with my brother’ on Cozy is her reminiscing about what happened with Solange and Jay-Z in 2014.”

Jay Z
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“Lmfao Beyonce is freaking out over the girl from church,” one person commented. ikdr. Beyoncé is from the ghetto, but y’all go overboard, so play it down. If you know, Solange doesn’t care. I don’t care, said another. She has mentioned this in a song twice. I really don’t care if she doesn’t talk about it publicly if she doesn’t. She performs songs to allay suspicion on D Child if she is doing this. Finally, one commenter stated, “When Beyonce says ‘may I suggest you don’t fuck with my brother,’ she’s referring to the possibility of Solange fucking you in an elevator. She Right.”

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