Bella Poarch Net Worth, Career, Personal Life and Other Details

Bella Poarch is an American-Filipino singer and social media personality. She set the record for the most similar TikTok video on August 17, 2020. Bella lip synced to the song “Soph Aspin Send” sung by rapper Millie B. She is the fourth most followed TikTok celebrity after Addison Rae, Charlie D’Amelio, and Khaby Lame. The video of her got 50 million likes, which took her to the record. She made her first debut song as a single in May 2021 called “Build A Bitch”.

Is Bella Poarch Filipino?

Bella Poarch is actually Filipino, but at a very young age she was adopted. She never really saw her real parents. Her new parents took her to Hawaii, where she grew up. She talks a lot in her TikTok videos about her difficult childhood and how she was abused.

beautiful poarch
Bella Poarch Net Worth, Career, Personal Life and Other Details

Past career and fame

Bella Poarch is also a US Navy Veteran. She served in the Navy in 2015 and served until 2019, and was deployed to Japan and Hawaii. Poarch is against anti-Asian racism and continually fights against it. She also creates many TikToks where she talks about controversial topics and racism. Bella has won many trophies, including the MTV Millennial Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards. She has 75.8 million followers on TikTok as of July 2021. On her YouTube channel, she has around 4.88 million subscribers and 309 million views. She recently signed a record deal with Warner Records in May 2021.

Bella Poarch: Net worth

Bella Poarch has a massive net worth of around $1.5 million dollars. She earned most of her income from singing and acting on TikTok. Bella also served in the US Navy and Army. She served a four-year sentence between 2015 and 2019. She recently signed a two-year contract with Warner Records and will receive a large amount for it.

Bella Poarch: Details

Full namebeautiful poarch
Net worth$1.5 million dollars
Birthday dateFebruary 9, 1997
Age24 years old
Place of birthPhilippines

Bella Poarch’s personal life

Bella loves Indian cuisine and movies, her favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan. He doesn’t like dating as he is currently focusing on his studies and his career. Rumors are flying that she could be dating Tyga. She is very famous among the youth for her bold style and dress sense. Overall, she is one of the biggest social media celebrities and never misses an opportunity to surprise her fans. Her Philippine natives also appear in her videos. She will also star in an upcoming movie, directed by James Gunn.

The controversial tattoo

Bella Poarch recently decided to get a Rising Sun tattoo on her right shoulder. This tattoo generated many controversies in her life. According to some people, the tattoo was offensive as many Koreans see the Rising Sun as Japanese militarism and colonial rule.

beautiful poarch
Bella Poarch Net Worth, Career, Personal Life and Other Details

Bella then apologized that she doesn’t have any backstory information related to the tattoo. The moment she realized her mistake, she decided to cover up the tattoo and sincerely apologized to the entire Korean community through Twitter. The tattoo had an ascending heart at the change of a rising sun. The Rising Sun flag was used during World War II by the Japanese military.

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