Bazzi apologizes to Taylor Swift in the past, what did he say in 2018?

American artist and songwriter Andrew Bazzi recently attended the ‘Taylor Swift thing’ on the Zach Sang Show podcast. Bazzi explicitly discussed his comments about Taylor Swift, which he made in May 2018 while appearing on the same podcast. However, this time, the 25-year-old singer expressed his regret and apologized for his past statements. Participating in the podcast to promote his new album titled Infinite Dream, Bazzi made a move to show his regret for his previous comments about Taylor Swift.

In May 2018, Bazzi appeared on the show to talk about his album titled Cosmic. However, in addition to talking about his album, his vocalist and hosts talked about various topics related to the music industry. At one point during the discussion, Bazzi commented that fans weren’t listening to Taylor Swift as she answered a question about him saving pop music. He said: ‘As a pop star, you can sell stadiums with this. Take a look at Taylor Swift, she’s actually selling out stadiums, but people aren’t listening to her album. Taylor Swift has never responded to Bazzi’s comments, but she hopes her apology reaches the singer.

What did Bazzi say?

As mentioned, when Bazzi came to the Zach Sang Show, he brought up a few topics during their discussion. In any case, it was the comment about the American singer and musician, Taylor Swift, that caused fans to criticize him a lot, particularly after she shared her song Ella Mine with her fans. Host Zach Sang asked Bazzi: ‘You’re on record saying you’re saving pop music. Do you really trust that? The vocalist and lyricist answered with certainty and referred to Taylor Swift while discussing how various artists fill stadiums, but in reality, no one pays attention to her pop albums.

Bazzi’s comment garnered a nod from another podcaster, Dan Zolot, who claimed he had yet to listen to Taylor Swift’s albums. Bazzi then proceeded to expand on his perspective, adding: ‘No one has. I respect Taylor Swift to such an extent. I really do. She is like a businesswoman of all businesswomen. She is selling arenas. That is the goal of every artist. She is playing in the biggest places that she can play. In any case, I’m talking about culture. People don’t listen to pop albums anymore. Interestingly, the 11-time Grammy winner never responded to Bazzi’s comments, while the 25-year-old artist Bazzi was condemned by fans for quite some time.

Singer issues an apology to singer Taylor Swift for her past comments

Bazzi said on the most recent episode of Zach Snag Show that his comments about Taylor Swift were misrepresented on social media, but he wanted to apologize for his “stupid” comment anyway. He explained to me that she was making a comment about how hip-hop, as I would see it, had become mainstream music. Traditional pop music didn’t have the same importance it used to. I mean the biggest, most powerful, most genuinely listened to with the biggest audience as just being a jerk and the kind of person who is sporadic and will throw out a name or offer something trying to come to a meaningful conclusion. Also, clearly, when you see him in the clip, he looks terrible and disturbs me. I have no regrets and surprisingly the mistakes I have caused feel like they are intentional and this will one day transform for me. In any case, that regret bothers me since she writes her own music. She represents everything that I stand for as an artist, she added. Bazzi said that just ‘that silly comment’ could maybe stop him from actually getting into a studio or writing a song with her.

He addressed Taylor Swift directly saying she’ll probably never see this video, but assuming she has, he wants her to know he appreciates her. The singer closed his explanation by saying, ‘Please accept my apologies and we should be friends. I’m sure maybe you would like it, maybe you could hate me. Bazzi also took the opportunity to thank Taylor Swift for being such a big help to him like very few people in the industry did. His own comments and the response they got have become a “tremendous example” for him. He also noted that anything you say when you’re young, regardless of whether it’s in passing or on the other hand if you don’t mean it, can be misunderstood and an alternate history can be made. However, the vocalist acknowledged that it was his fault and that he finally wanted to address it since he ‘bothered’ him for a long time.

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