Bahamas Island: Sandals resort Mysterious deaths Case explained

The Sandals resort in the Bahamas is in the news lately for the three deaths of tourists in the island’s resort. While the mysterious death of the tourists has left everyone shocked. The authorities are trying to find the cause of death of tourists. But who were the tourists who died in the mysterious circumstances at Sandals resort?

Read on to find out more about the deaths of tourists at the Sandals resort on the island of the Bahamas.

Three tourists died last week at the Sandals resort in the Bahamas

It was the incident last week that about three tourists were found dead under mysterious circumstances. The incident reportedly occurred at the Bahamas island Sandals resort. The American tourists who died were Vincent Paul Chiarella, 64, from Florida, Michael Philips, 68, and Robbie Philips, 65.

Vincent’s wife, Donnis, on the other hand, is flown from Nassau, Bahamas to Kendall Hospital in Miami. Donnis also fell ill and was in critical condition. he is fine now. However, the Phillips couple were a couple who owned a travel agency in Tennessee. Additionally, they had three children along with six grandchildren.

What happened to American tourists at the Sandals resort in the Bahamas?

While the incident occurred in Emerald Bay of Exuma of the Sandals resort. There were two couples in their 60s present as guests at the resort. The Phillips couple died on Friday last week at the villa where they were staying. Vincent, the other tourist, was staying in the villa next door and was also dead.

However, Donnis, his wife, was alive in her bed after complaining of swollen arms and legs. Meanwhile, her husband was lying on the ground dead, she couldn’t move to find out, but she was screaming for help. However, Donnis’s condition was reported by her son Austin.

Authorities investigate mysterious death of American tourists

As it remains to be seen what went wrong with the three tourists. Authorities are investigating the matter while the Sandals resort is also cooperating in the investigation. Blood samples and other samples from the dead are with the investigating authorities.

The autopsy report of the dead tourists has not yet been released. Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased are mourning the loss of their loved ones. As the daughter of the Phillips couple, she spoke about their pain. Along with Austin, Vincent’s son is also dealing with the loss of his father.

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