‘Ay Caramba’ Meaning Explained As Tyga Opens Up About Backlash And Apologizes For His Video

What does the phrase “Ay Caramba” mean and what really happened? Tyga has publicly expressed his regret for his “Ay Caramba” music video to the Mexican-American community.

On July 8, the rapper released the song and received criticism shortly after. Tyga received criticism for disrespecting Mexican culture.

Until now, the rapper has chosen to remain silent. Tyga finally spoke up and expressed his regret to everyone.

Exploring the meaning of Ay Caramba

The expression “Ay Caramba” is used to express surprise. Although there was nothing wrong with the title or lyrics of the song, the way the video was executed did not sit well with the audience.

This is not the first time that Tyga has composed a song about Mexican culture. The rapper has previously written songs like Go Loko. But he made the decision to give Ay Caramba’s song more “creative” aspects.

Sadly, they weren’t impressed and were ready to blast the rapper.

Tyga explains the reaction

According to TMZ, Tyga stated during an appearance on the American Cholo podcast that he was surprised by the criticism as he hadn’t anticipated that people would be upset about it.

Instead of talking about it and breaking his silence, Tyga chose to learn more and ask his Mexican friends where he went wrong.

I have always made Latin records, he declared. When I wrote the song “Go Loko”, which was a Mexican album, I thought: “This song is literally for the Mexicans I grew up with”. I want to honor them in some way. I don’t think when I sang “Ay Caramba,” I was thinking, “This is for the Mexicans I grew up with.”

Oh no
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Rapper expresses regret for his video

Tyga quickly announced that he will be deleting the music video entirely after acknowledging his mistake. He also introduced himself and expressed his regret at the same time.

I’m not Mexican, so I can’t say what offends or doesn’t bother Mexicans, he continued. But I’m sure I didn’t mean to insult anyone. I want to start by apologizing to my Mexican fans and the Mexican community. Many of my Latino fans, including Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, were probably not offended by this video. However, there were some of my Los Angeles-based Mexican fans who were undoubtedly outraged.

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