Art Teacher or Toyboxdollz, New Jersey Kindergarten Teacher Goes Viral for Her Look

After Candice Reed, another teacher goes viral. A kindergarten teacher in New Jersey is making headlines because of her looks. Parents apparently find The Art Teacher “too distracting” and don’t want her around her children.

Why is The Art Teacher making headlines?

The Art Teacher is going viral for her looks. She has a thick and curvy body and people don’t think that she is a teacher. They disapprove of her appearance and that she is not fit to be a teacher. On her Instagram Live, she once clarified that she is actually a teacher. Even though many people have even supported her to pursue her career that she likes.

Since when are looks criteria for teaching young children?

It should also be noted that the woman covers herself appropriately in class and does not wear anything “revealing” to distract the students.

The woman teaches arts and crafts at primary school. She is also a social media influencer and artist who is seen spreading body positivity awareness through her posts.

Presence in social networks-

He has a good presence on Instagram with 543 thousand followers. Although the woman’s real name is Roxsana Díaz, sources confirm that she is from Puerto Rico. Her ethnicity is Hispanic and she is 39 years old. She has also worked with the famous singer and rapper. lil yacht and Gillie Da Kid.

Roxsana also has a YouTube channel and in one of her videos she revealed that she has a daughter. She has a profile on Model May-hem, but she was pretty inactive for a long time, indicating that she might now have quit modeling.

The Art Teacher frequently shares her art on Instagram and also posts photos from her personal life. She has a private page to show her art: ‘mystashbuddy’.

He also posts photos with his kindergarten students and often talks about how much he loves his job.

She recently posted a photo with her little student and captioned it, I literally can’t express how amazing it is to receive such genuine love from these kids! They are so talented, real and literally the best human beings on the planet! You can always trust kids to tell you exactly what it’s like!

The Art Teacher definitely has a soft corner for kids and the love is reflected through their Instagram posts. It doesn’t really matter if people find it inappropriate because kids can love it in class.

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