Aries Spears responds to the backlash she’s getting after making fun of Lizzo’s weight and looks

Aries Spears is a comedian and entertainer from New Jersey. He is most famous for his role on MADtv, the sketch series he started, initially in the ’90s. While the vast majority think about what comedians are saying while considering other factors, social media users have been offended by the newcomers. Aries Spears comments on pop phenomenon Lizzo.

Aries Spears is reportedly making headlines for her comment on About Time singer Lizzo, however what did the comedian have to say about the vocalist? The comedian’s comments surprised many, and Lizzo’s fans were quick to come to her defense. Some big names also criticized Aries Spears for her comment, truth be told. At this point, Lizzo hasn’t responded to Aries Spears’ comments, but the vocalist sure has had a subtle response to the ongoing social media drama.

Lizzo’s fans are showing their allegiance to the three-time Grammy Award-winning singer on social media, joking about a comedian’s demeaning comments about her weight this week.

What did comedian Aries Spears say about Lizzie?

During an interview with The Art of Dialogue, Aries Spears was asked about Lizzo’s music, however, her answer was all about her weight. He said I can’t get past the fact that it looks like the shitty emoticon, the 47-year-old comedian said. He has an exceptionally handsome face, yet he continues to show off his body like, come on.

Her tirade about her size lasted a decent moment, and once it was posted online, it didn’t take long for users to rush to Lizzo’s defense. For a long time, the alleged issue was trending on the social media platform Twitter. Many people mocked Aries Spears for being out of shape, focused on her comedic skills, and further praised the About Damn Time singer for her skill and physique.

While fans showed their support for the singer, several superstars chose to call out as well. The Shade Room posted the original video, which garnered a large number of comments from their followers. Ari Lennox, a talented vocalist from DC, offered her perspective on this topic. She said: Absolutely disgusting and evil.

One more comment came from Mike Epps, a well-known entertainer and comedian. She’s a straight bitch and she needs an a*beat look on her skin, the 51-year-old composed. That wasn’t all though, he also added he, he looks dirty and sick… plus he hasn’t been on TV since mad tv.

Has Lizzo responded to Aries’ comment?

Lizzo hasn’t responded to the ongoing social media drama, but the vocalist responded to Megan’s Instagram stories by posting a tongue-sticking out emoji and a dollar-sign emoji. Seeing her response, it seems like the artist is focusing on getting on with her best life and overlooking/ignoring the social media drama.

Aries Spears, on the other hand, responded to the ongoing backlash. On his Instagram, the comedian clarified that he does not apologize for the things he said. In a video, he noted: What game are we playing? Ladies, keep it 100 percent, what will you be mad at? Additionally, he captioned the post as: I’m going around all the smoke because the truth finds its way through the bulls**t so how about we GO!

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