Are Harry Jowsey and Nikita Dragun dating? Harry responds to Hook Up rumors

Too Hot to Handle actor Harry Jowsey has been one of the celebrities whose alleged texts were discovered in Nikita Dragun’s official music video. Harry was questioned about reports that he linked up with Nikita during her previous show on the BFF podcast. Nikita included Tyga among the titles of the screenshots she posted in her D*ck video of her. Just as many were beginning to speculate on what must have transpired between them. The rapper sent out a tweet debunking the allegations.

“A few years ago, my company directed and produced a video clip for her that was never released. He commented, “I’m not sure why she included my likeness in this.”

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Are Harry Jowsey and Nikita Dragun dating? Harry responds to Hook Up rumors

Harry Jowsey’s comments on the rumors with Nikita Dragun

After talking freely about his meeting with Nikita, it seems that Harry has become the latest favorite of the audience.

Harry brought up reports of his ‘connection’ with Nikita throughout his conversation with Dave Portnoy. He even described her as “beautiful”. “Normally I am attracted to the spirit of a person; it really doesn’t make any difference who they really are,” he explained. So, you understand, Nikita is incredibly strong offline and very driven, she’s quite beautiful, and she’s quite famous. He seemed to have something of hers for her.

“For me, it’s like meeting another girl,” Harry said when Dave pressed him for a straight answer. Trans women are women to me, and I don’t think that’s important.”

Harry, on the other hand, hasn’t said anything about whether or not he hooked up with Nikita. He said that he would not address anything until she had spoken directly with the YouTuber.

Harry, on the other hand, didn’t question connecting with Nikita. He said that he considers himself lucky. Because his friends and family are welcoming, before emphasizing that “it’s not a big deal.”

We can’t give you a straight answer as we don’t even have one. We’ll really have to wait until Harry or Nikita clears up the rumours.’

Harry Jowsey being loved by fans

While Nikita hasn’t responded to Harry’s recent comments, fans are applauding him for speaking honestly about youtuber


“No one else would come out doing what Harry actually did on this talk show.” One person wrote below the YouTube video. He is revolutionizing the landscape without even realizing it. Just being him, and I enjoy every minute of it. “It fills my heart with joy.”

“I thought I liked Harry before. But the previous two days just proved that he deserves ALL THE THINGS,” someone commented. With his openness, compassion and brilliance, he is in another dimension. I took care of everything like a fucking supreme leader.”

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