Andrew Tate releases “final message” video on Vimeo after receiving multiple bans from social media sites

Andrew Tate, social media fame and former professional boxer, has left a final message on Vimeo regarding his social media bans. Tate is having a hard time with one social media platform after another banning him. Post in which he finally broke his silence through a video on Vimeo where he addressed all the criticism about him. But what did he say about it?

Read on to learn more about Andrew Tate giving a final message on Vimeo about his social media bans.

Andrew Tate and the controversies

Andrew Tate rose to fame on social media with millions of fans across all platforms. However, his presence on the social media platform was short-lived. Like once before he made a comment about sexual harassment and ra*e victims that didn’t sit well with anyone. Post in which the Twitter ban of him appeared.

Since then, one act or another of Tate’s has gone viral on social media. Eventually, after which she will get a ban on all major social media platforms. Where recently even her channel on YouTube and Twitch was not available.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate releases "final message" video on Vimeo after receiving multiple bans from social media sites

The absence of Andrew Tate on YouTube and Twitch

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, Andrew Tate was banned by all the major social media platforms for his controversies. However, recently we also saw some of the netizens showing how Tate’s YouTube channel was showing that the channel was not available.

Although YouTube and Tate did not give any reason why Tate’s channel was removed. However, it also came that Tate deleted his channel from Twitch. Post that is hardly available on any social media platform.

Tate gives final message on Vimeo

It was on August 23 that Andrew Tate finally broke the silence about his social media bans. He made a video on Vimeo that was approximately 1 hour long. Where he shared his feelings about the bully he faced as a child on the school bus. Finally, he addressed the bans of him on social media and the criticism he faced.

He said that he cares about women and even does charity work on their behalf. Slamming haters of his, he also said that his remaining social media accounts would work for social and charitable causes. While he also insisted on everything to explain the truth clearly in a respectable manner. Tate’s hour-long video was the final message for everyone to explain her side of her story.

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