Andrew Tate Deletes Twitch Channel After Being Banned From Youtube

Andrew Tate, the popular social media personality, does not have his channel available on Twitch or YouTube. Well, we all know what’s been going on with Andrew lately. As he has been banned from one after another social media. Lately, his YouTube channel and his Twitch channel were also not available anywhere.

Read on to find out more about Andrew Tate’s YouTube and Twitch channel that is no longer available.

Andrew Tate and controversies

Andrew Tate who is a social media personality and former kickboxer is gaining a lot of attention these days. Although it is not a pleasant thing in his life. Rather it is his controversies that give him attention. Some of his comments, especially about women and crime victims, have put him in the spotlight.

As one of the biggest controversies happened in 2017. When he said that victims of ra*ey sexual harassment must take responsibility. The comment certainly didn’t sit well with anyone. Resulting in her being banned from Twitter. Although she later said that the Twitter ban happens often. But one makes another profile and comes back.

Andrew Tate is banned from social media platforms

Andrew Tate has several reasons to be popular on social media. Whether it’s his controversies or his comments. It puts everything in the spotlight. However, whatever the reason. We saw social media platforms banning it one after another.

As it was also banning Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. However, now again, a few more social media profiles of him are nowhere to be found on the platform. Although no one knows the reason behind his sudden disappearance from the platform.

Andrew Tate’s channel on YouTube and Twitch is unavailable

Andrew Tate, apart from his previously banned social media account, is once again facing issues with a few more. Yes, and this time his YouTube channel is nowhere on the platform. As one of the users on social networks showed how YouTube shows that Tate’s channel is not available on the platform.

Not only that, there has been no response on the matter from Tate and even YouTube. Also, post the missing YouTube channel. We could see that even Tate’s Twitch account is missing. However, no one knows why this happens.

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