Amsterdam 2022 Movie Release Date, Cast & More

A new detective story “Amsterdam” is coming soon to surprise everyone who has been waiting to see something new and exciting. The Amsterdam filmmaker is none other than David O. Russell of American Hustle. Also, whether it’s the cast of the movie or the story itself, they’re all turning heads. So when is the movie released?

Read on to find out more about Amsterdam and all its latest updates.

Amsterdam release date announced

The movie Amsterdam has generated a lot of buzz on the internet since it was announced. Well now it has even been given a release date. As before, we had the film for November 4, 2022. But now it arrives on another date.

Well, if you’re thinking you’ll get it later than its previous release date. So it’s not like that. How are we going to have that now on October 7th. So yes, viewers can have the detective thriller now so it’s coming real soon for all to see.

Who is in the cast of Amsterdam?

Apart from the story of Amsterdam, the only thing that stood out was without a doubt the cast of the film. As we will have the movie with Christian Bale as Burt Berendsen, Margot Robbie as Valrie Voze, John David Washington as Harold Woodsman and Chris Rock as Milton King.

In addition, we will also see Taylor Swift as Liz Meekins, Anya Taylor-Joy as Libby Voze, Zoe Saldana as Irma St. Clair, Mike Myers as Paul Canterbury, Michael Shannon as Henry Norcross, and many other stars.

What is the plot of Amsterdam?

As far as the Amsterdam story goes, we have this story partially based on a true story. The film is set in 1930, when three friends enter the scene to be together no matter what comes their way. But the twist comes in the story when a murder occurs.

Eventually, this makes three of them suspicious. However, the film is about how they reveal the truth behind the murder and what happens to their friendship. Meanwhile, the trailer for the film is now available to everyone. Which shows the casts and also gives an insight into their appearance and history.

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