Amazon offers help to the new US president, Biden, to help with covid-19 vaccines

Amazon offers help to the new US president, Biden, to help with covid-19 vaccines

Amazon has an agreement with health care providers to help with Covid-19 vaccines across the United States.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, Amazon wrote a letter to the new US president. Joe Biden offering help to target Covid-19 vaccines to 100 million Americans.

They are poised to leverage their operations, communication services and information technology, Dave Clark, Amazon’s chief executive, says in the letter. Amazon says they are all prepared to help the new President Biden.

Clark also congratulated the new President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Our scale allows us to make a significant impact immediately in the fight against COVID-19, and we are ready to help you in this effort” Clark adds in the letter.

The company is interested in offering vaccines through its own facilities. Although Clark does not mention this anywhere in the letter, he writes that “Amazon has an agreement in place” with some health care providers to administer vaccinations on site. Nor does it mention anything that clarifies the fact that Amazon services have been considered. The company operates warehouses, Amazon-brand stores and Whole Foods supermarkets. They will move quickly once the vaccine is available, says Clark.

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Amazon is able to provide technology and communication resources to the new administrator. “We are prepared to leverage our capabilities and experience in operations, information technology and communications to assist in your administration’s vaccination efforts.” Clark, in the letter he sent to Biden on Wednesday, January 20. This letter was first reported by Reuters.

Amazon is a leading global company and has 800,000 workers or employees in the United States and most of them are essential workers who cannot work from home, Clark says in the letter. Amazon asks to prioritize its workers and give them the first doses of vaccines given the impossibility of working from home.

Amazon has offered to deliver vaccines throughout the United States through its letter but also asks to prioritize vaccination for its 800,000 employees.

The firm has entered into an agreement with a health care provider to direct the vaccines at its site and warehouses in the United States.

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