Alberto Del Rio Vows To Expose Paige’s Domestic Violence Arrests

Alberto Del Rio has always been one of the most controversial superstars. After he left the WWE, had a relationship with a WWE star wrestler known as Paige. However, their relationship did not go according to plan. Now Alberto Del Rio has been accused of sexual assault. And furthermore, if he is found guilty of these charges, it could be even more problematic for him, since it would lead to him being in jail for the rest of his life.

As we all know, Alberto Del Rio and Paige had a relationship that was broken due to owing money to different people. But this is not the first time Alberto and Paige have had problems. Previously, there were rumors about the money Del Rio owed Paige. Recently, during an interview with Hannibal TV, Alberto explained his version of the story.

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Alberto Del Rio Vows To Expose Paige's Domestic Violence Arrests

However, she further claimed that she never exposed Paige about her domestic violence arrest. He never released a video about it and never even told anyone about it. Del Río also added that he was also accused by another person, but when asked about the evidence, they denied it. He warned Paige saying that “I have always respected you, even the amount I gave you was not even revealed. I have never told anyone about the times you were arrested for domestic violence. So don’t try to mess with me again. It is the last warning for you. Enough is enough. Now let me live in peace and you too live your life accordingly.”

Now the next date for Del Rio’s trial is August 2. The date was changed from May 3 due to covid protocols. At the next date, a decision on Del Rio’s future life is expected.

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