AESPA net worth: everything you need to know

The AESPA YouTube channel has 219 thousand subscribers, making it one of the most popular. Founded in 2020, AESPA is based in South Korea.

However, everyone is interested in knowing how AESPA makes money. We can predict AESPA’s net worth using your channel’s subscriber information.

What is an AESPA?

Four people make up the group: Karina, Winter, Giselle and NingNing. The fascinating element is that each member, ae-Karina, -Winter, -Giselle and -Ning Ning, has a virtual doppelganger that exists in another dimension called FLAT. They are called “s” (pronounced like “eyes”) and are essentially online avatars for aespa that were built from all the information that members had uploaded to the Internet. This is a metaphor for the differences between our offline and online selves. It is no coincidence that “I’m addicted” is the first line of the song “Black Mamba”.

What is the net worth of AESPA?

The girl group is believed to be valued at $913,29000 in total. Although AESPA’s exact net worth is yet to be determined, estimates it to be close to $913.29k.

However, the Net Spot Worth estimate only uses one advertising channel. AESPA’s net worth may exceed $913,290,000. Girl Group may be worth close to $1.28 million considering these new sources of income.


Monetized YouTube channels make money by showing. On average, YouTubers can earn $3 to $7 per thousand video views. These calculations allow us to determine that AESPA earns $15.22 thousand monthly or $228.32 thousand annually.

However, $228,322,000 a year may be a conservative estimate. Girl Group could earn more than $410.98k annually from ad revenue if it performs at the high end.

But it’s rare for channels to rely solely on one source of revenue. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements are additional sources of income that can make a lot more money than advertising.

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