100 Thieves Fuslie leaves Twitch for YouTube with exclusive gaming deal

Popular Twitch streamer Fuslie from 100 Thieves has decided to make the switch to YouTube gaming by leaving Twitch now. Well, it’s not the first time someone from Twitch has left the platform to start their journey on YouTube. As before, some of the most popular streamers have opted for this platform switch. So when will Fuslie stream on YouTube?

Read on to know more about Fuslie to start streaming on YouTube leaving Twitch.

A little about Fuslie from 100 Thieves

Fuslie is a popular American Twitch streamer whose real name is Leslie Ann Fu. She is a 29-year-old streamer at the 100 Thieves gaming organization. She began her journey as a streamer on Twitch in the year 2015. Since then, she has become popular on the platform.

In addition to being popular on Twitch, Fuslie even has YouTube channels. While now it comes down to her leaving Twitch to start her game streaming journey on YouTube. She recently shared her plans about leaving Twitch.

Fuslie leaves Twitch to play on YouTube

It was on September 6 that 100 Thieves’ Fuslie shared his plans to leave Twitch. As now he would be broadcasting on YouTube under his exclusive contract. His last Twitch stream, therefore, came on September 1 at midnight. Meanwhile, before leaving Twitch, she shared an emotional post in which she thanked the Twitch community and her fans for giving her immense love and support.

However, he will now be hosting his stream exclusively on YouTube soon as he has his exclusive contract. Not to forget that Fuslie has the main YouTube channel along with a few more channels on YouTube. Where he has thousands of followers. His first broadcast on YouTube will arrive on September 7.

Streamers who left Twitch for YouTube gaming

Before Fuslie, there have been so many popular streamers who left Twitch for YouTube. Since we initially had CouRage, Valkyrae switched from Twitch to YouTube gaming. Aside from that, several other streamers also chose to switch to YouTube.

Even Ludwig, Sykunno, Lily Pichu and many other streamers followed the same platform switch. Also, YouTube gaming has become more popular than Twitch gaming streaming. That’s why more and more streamers are leaving Twitch for YouTube.

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