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Sl No Applicant Project Title Remarks
1 Dr. Rahul Laksh-man Development of organic complete food Selected
2 Dr. Lakshmi R Lakshman Wound healing material Selected
3 Veena P Kumar Development of Nanocomposite film fabricated with chitosan nanoparticle, nanocellulose and clove oil for post harvest packaging of fruits and vegetables Selected
4 Meenu Thampi Role of phyllosphere methylotrophs in alleviating water stress in Rice(oryza sativa) Selected
5 Sherin Varghese Allelopathic potential of soil bacteria to control Barnyard Grass (Echinochloa crus galli) in Rice Fields Selected
6 Karthika S Development of PGPR as Biofertilizers Selected
7 Amal C Shaji, Renju Raj, Vishnu K S, Akhil Manoharan, Lijo Jose The Taste of Tomorrow Selected
8 Amala Geevarghese Nanochitin based formulations for enhanced chitinase production of rhizobacteria and plant growth enhancement Selected
9 Sheetal Sivankutty Bacterial Quorum Sensing :–Role in Waste Water Treatment and Sustainable Agriculture Selected
10 Abin S John, Abbu Roney, Anto Siby, George Thomas Automated irrigation system Selected
11 Michelle Mary Varughese, Jins Kuriakose Waste water filtration and disinfection by using moringa oleifera Selected
12 Bibin M B ZnO Nanoparticles: An effective Photocatalyst & an antibacterial agent via green synthesis Selected
13 Balu Balachandran, Gopikrishna V G, Arun Sasi S, Abdul Shukkur M, Aswin Rajan Varghes Eco Loving Advancement (ELA) Selected
14 Akshaya C S, Megha Mohan A Leachate Degradation Using Bacillus Subtilis Selected
15 Edna Mary Varghese Biodegradation of Chlorpyrifos pesticide using endophytic microorganisms from rice plants. Selected

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