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Final List of Selected Candidates for Students Start-Ups Grants

Sl No Name Project Title Remarks
1 Tijith K George Antimicrobial Metabolite from Pencilin sp Selected
2 Smitha Vijayan Development of antimicrobial drug formulation using biosynthesized silver nanoparticle - chitosan conjugate Selected
3 Blessy Joseph Engineering of polymer composites for biomedical applications Selected
4 Joshy K S Biocompatible metal hybrid nanoparticles for brain targeting of anti viral drugs and anti cancer drugs Selected
5 Jaise Mariya George Fabrication of Nanosensors for Chiral compounds Selected
6 Anshida Mayeen Development of High power Piezoelectric Nanogenerators using Electroactive Polymer Nanocomposites Selected
7 Anju K Nair Paper based SERS substrates Selected
8 Simmi John High Dimensional education datamining methods Selected
9 Sreeja K S Pattern Mining Selected
10 Shahna K U Encryption Algorithm Selected
11 Sneha Jacob Health Tracking Systems using Internet of Things Selected
12 Smitha Anu Thomas Design of an Efficient Model for Software process Improvement Selected
13 Leeja Mathew Analysis of Sentiments Selected
14 Terry Jacob Mathew Diabetes Prediction Selected
15 Preetha S Video Copy Detector Selected
16 Rajesh N Secure transaction using Digital Money Mobile Application Selected
17 Benymol Jose Big Data and Nosql Database MongoDB: A Replacement to cloud Computing Archetecture Selected
18 Nishad A Mobility Mining Information Service System Selected
19 Deepa Mary Mathews A realtime Social Data Analytics to determine the popularity of TV Dramas using Apache Spark Selected
20 Lumy Joseph An Intelligent Web-enabled System to perform HumanResources Analytics in a Business Environment Selected
21 Jishnu P Thampi A holistic solution for Wellness Tourism Selected

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