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The Student Entrepreneurship Award 2018


Project Title : Shape Memory Polymer Surtures

Drug delivery using suitable polymeric devices has gathered momentum in the recent years due to their remarkable properties. The versatility of polymeric materials makes them reliable candidates for site targeted drug release. Application of polymeric biomaterials in medicine has been a thrust area of research owing to the exceptional and superior properties they exhibit. The increased use of polymeric biomaterials in the form of surgical implants, sutures, scaffolds, hydrogels and aerogels for biomedical applications can be attributed to the exceptional versatility that they offer when compared to metal or ceramic materials. Polymers are conjugated with bioactive agents to achieve control over release kinetics and also to improve the targeting efficiency. Polymeric materials can be fabricated with different functionalities and wide range of properties which make them desirable candidates for medical applications. They can be engineered such that they act as site specific drug delivery systems Sutures have been found to be an effective strategy for the delivery of antibacterial agents or anti- inflammatory drugs to the surgical site. Recent developments yielded sutures with improved mechanical properties, but designing sutures with all the desirable properties is still under investigation. Drug-eluting sutures represent the next generation of surgical sutures since they fulfill their mechanical functions but also deliver the drug in their vicinity after implantation. These implants are produced by a variety of manufacturing processes. This proposal is aimed to formulate biocompatible polymer sutures having shape memory effect that can deliver bio moieties /phytochemical compounds like Curcumin at the target site.


Project Title : Plant Probiotic Products

Recent research (and commercials) claims that probiotic products are good for our health, with benefits ranging from improved digestion to managing allergies and colds. Just as humans can benefit from the good bacteria of probiotics, plants can benefit from certain microbes. And that benefit is also good for the environment. In this study, the product plant probiotic for leafy Vegetable (Amaranthus tricolor) has been prepared by using individual and mixed cultures of Pseudomonas fluorescence, P.putida, P.rhodaceae. These were made into talc based formulation. These formulations were studied for its field performance along with combinations of NPK fertilizers and micronutrients. The product was treated with Amaranthus tricolor under field condition for 60 days. The results showed very significant changes in growth rate and biomass production of the test groups when compared with the control groups. The probiotic treated plant groups have increased height, more number of leaves and increased leaf width.


Project Title : Automatic Coco Bean Separator

The need for cocoa products is increasing day by day and therefore the cocoa cultivation is also increasing. Cocoa cultivation has widely spread all over the world. The main problem faced by cocoa farmers is the cocoa bean separation. It is a strenuous task. Our intension is to develop a machine in order to reduce this time consuming process and to minimize labour.“AUTOMATIC COCOA BEAN SEPARATING MACHINE” is used to cut the cocoa fruits and to separate the cocoa beans automatically. The main advantage is that the solar installation reduces electricity consumption. This machine can be easily assembled, disassembled and it is portable. Machine consists of 4 units, ie, input unit, cutting unit, rotating unit and collecting unit. This machine finds application in agriculture field and it will be very much helpful for cocoa farmers.

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